What happen in making Money online?

This journey started when I had consecutive dreams or reoccurring dreams about me having financial abundance. The first one was about business and the second one was overflowing wealth to the point of filling another bucket. Though it comes symbolically I just knew what it meant to me. At first it felt like odd, knowing the current situation we have right now. But I just follow the lead by opening myself to every possible way to make it happen.

I start to help in the small business we have in our house. Trying to test the waters if I have some flair into it. And I could tell the need and demands of a market. I was able to make sales and more sales. (Or else it was just some luck haha) tiamba!

Then I started with whatever I can hold onto about business. I found a copy of the book, “Science for Success” Stories of How Science and Technology can Help your Business that was sitting in my sister’s list of unread books or copies. I try to learn much by reading books because I have always enjoy reading and learning new things in my spare time. I make it a point to grow and develop whatever interest me. It was a good book, not only it was insightful. They compiled examples by featuring real people and the stories behind every business. I like that it was written by one of the well-known conglomerate, business tycoon here in the Philippines by the name Robina Gocongwei-Pe.

I have this lingering idea about making money online or something I can do while staying at home because I love that I can help around preparing meals and do some chores to take care of the house. So, I opt for writing. The first blogs and content I found online was Elna Cain and Carol Tice and how they get paid to write or that writing is a lucrative career. I was like, ‘Okay it looks easy for them! And maybe they are right in saying so..’ The wealth of information and free resources are sometimes overwhelming. Writing was another skill I need to gain over time. And for the love of writing it didn’t bother me. I was willing to go through the long process.

Keep writing. Finding my niche. Set up the website and make a portfolio. Market yourself! As it sound too much of a work. I am new to it! My WordPress is more of my personal blog. So you can tell how random most of what I write here. I write because I practice it. These are for the moments you try to brainstorm ideas, concept for the next writing assignment, or fighting the boredom when you have to wait a little more to finish what your currently working on.

What about you? Do you have side-hustle and passion project you are pursing now? Or do you find yourself dreaming of financial abundance? Please comment down below. Let’s have some interaction 🙂

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Movie Review : Mr. and Mrs. Cruz, 2018

First reaction was, “Ano ba namang kwento yon? Parehong iniwan!” The back story was Raffy (JC Santos) stood up on his wedding day. And Gela (Ryza Cenon) left two months after her marriage. Then, the two met on a trip to Palawan. Two heartbroken that met was like a disaster to me. That’s my initial reaction.

The settings was mostly shot in the best places in Palawan. It was very capturing. One thing that keeps me staring in the screen is El Nido and the lush green scenery or backgrounds. It was perfect! For any rom-com to be filmed in a beautiful place that evokes romance.

The story was about two strangers Raffy and Gela who met on a trip to Palawan. One is trying to forget and on a soul-searching while the other is trying to remember and finding herself. To be honest my attention to the whole story was lost. I can’t keep my interest to it. Because the theme is common to me. Meeting a stranger, falling in love and not actually ending up together. Maybe the rom-com nowadays got bored with happy endings. And that is fine because real life is not. Or maybe because it lacks some connection to me as an audience. I would like to see a story that connects to me. A new story, a different story of love. And the world has plenty of it.

However, I would like to give credits to the Director and Writer Sigrid Andrea Bernardo because this movie can definitely give you a fresh perspective. It left me hanging on the important conversation of Raffy and Gela that gives the characters the closure they needed. I also find myself laughing to most parts and lines. That’s why I go to rom-coms because of the feel good vibes.

They have been to many places in Palawan with the services of a tour operators (Yayo Aguilla and Dennis Padilla) who played a teasing couple. The Underground Tubbataha Reefs, El Nido and Twin Lakes are some of the highlight tourist spot in the movie. This part, you can tell how a movie is a good marketing tool in promoting a destination. It reminds me as a viewer that I once dream to see El Nido!

Overall, I think you should still watch it. After all two heartbroken can give the answers to questions unmet. If you are broken then this may answer your “why’s” or why the person left.

The Pauses in Pandemic

I have been thinking about this lately — there are somethings to be thankful for about this tough times we are in. Every day now I wake up and sleep in a time I want to, right there and then prepare good food that we can enjoy together as a family.

Somethings I have always wanted and not possible in a regular paying job I used to do. Pursuing my long lost passion in writing. Finding myself with pen and paper again. Gathering ideas, researching, writing to my heart’s content hoping to inspire and help others.

I have always like learning new things and exploring many topic of interest. And now that I have the leisure of time I indulge myself doing just that and honing my craft.

My organic garden is now also thriving with new seedlings and techniques that keeps me doing regular rounds in a week. Gardening, writing and book reading are just some of the things that keep me sane this time staying at home.

What about you? What are the new things or old passion that is now possible with all the time you have?

Way back into Writing

I have many times tried to pursue writing. I made my first blog 2012 when I sign-up for a Freelance Writing job locally. Despite what they say that, “If you want to be a writer, you’ll live on a penny.” I continue. I was young and idealistic! Until reality hits me and got a starting pay for P250 per page. And barely make a writing assignment because I can’t commit myself into it. So many obstacles and challenges to begin with. Less experience and knowledge to share way back then.

Time and chance happen to all. I guess it was just the timing. There will come a time and all stars line up. When all the resources, opportunity and timing meets. Yes, timing! Many attempts were made, the journey on writing is a big learning and needing experience. After all, the fondness of reading books and expressing myself in words never get tire. I keep finding my way back to it.

As I go back where this journey all begin. It was during college that I was exposed to good books, education that hone my skills and long hours spent in the library because irregular students have broken schedules. I realize I have invested much money buying books and time learning about every topic of interest. Eventually, reading lead me to like writing. Books and writers unintentionally has been my influence observing those good written works.

Maybe you are struggling as a newbie or discouraged on the long haul and pauses that it doesn’t seem easy as it appears to be? I will say, “You will get there” 🙂