Way back into Writing

I have many times tried to pursue writing. I made my first blog 2012 when I sign-up for a Freelance Writing job locally. Despite what they say that, “If you want to be a writer, you’ll live on a penny.” I continue. I was young and idealistic! Until reality hits me and got a starting pay for P250 per page. And barely make a writing assignment because I can’t commit myself into it. So many obstacles and challenges to begin with. Less experience and knowledge to share way back then.

Time and chance happen to all. I guess it was just the timing. There will come a time and all stars line up. When all the resources, opportunity and timing meets. Yes, timing! Many attempts were made, the journey on writing is a big learning and needing experience. After all, the fondness of reading books and expressing myself in words never get tire. I keep finding my way back to it.

As I go back where this journey all begin. It was during college that I was exposed to good books, education that hone my skills and long hours spent in the library because irregular students have broken schedules. I realize I have invested much money buying books and time learning about every topic of interest. Eventually, reading lead me to like writing. Books and writers unintentionally has been my influence observing those good written works.

Maybe you are struggling as a newbie or discouraged on the long haul and pauses that it doesn’t seem easy as it appears to be? I will say, “You will get there” 🙂


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