The Pauses in Pandemic

I have been thinking about this lately — there are somethings to be thankful for about this tough times we are in. Every day now I wake up and sleep in a time I want to, right there and then prepare good food that we can enjoy together as a family.

Somethings I have always wanted and not possible in a regular paying job I used to do. Pursuing my long lost passion in writing. Finding myself with pen and paper again. Gathering ideas, researching, writing to my heart’s content hoping to inspire and help others.

I have always like learning new things and exploring many topic of interest. And now that I have the leisure of time I indulge myself doing just that and honing my craft.

My organic garden is now also thriving with new seedlings and techniques that keeps me doing regular rounds in a week. Gardening, writing and book reading are just some of the things that keep me sane this time staying at home.

What about you? What are the new things or old passion that is now possible with all the time you have?


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