Movie Review : Mr. and Mrs. Cruz, 2018

First reaction was, “Ano ba namang kwento yon? Parehong iniwan!” The back story was Raffy (JC Santos) stood up on his wedding day. And Gela (Ryza Cenon) left two months after her marriage. Then, the two met on a trip to Palawan. Two heartbroken that met was like a disaster to me. That’s my initial reaction.

The settings was mostly shot in the best places in Palawan. It was very capturing. One thing that keeps me staring in the screen is El Nido and the lush green scenery or backgrounds. It was perfect! For any rom-com to be filmed in a beautiful place that evokes romance.

The story was about two strangers Raffy and Gela who met on a trip to Palawan. One is trying to forget and on a soul-searching while the other is trying to remember and finding herself. To be honest my attention to the whole story was lost. I can’t keep my interest to it. Because the theme is common to me. Meeting a stranger, falling in love and not actually ending up together. Maybe the rom-com nowadays got bored with happy endings. And that is fine because real life is not. Or maybe because it lacks some connection to me as an audience. I would like to see a story that connects to me. A new story, a different story of love. And the world has plenty of it.

However, I would like to give credits to the Director and Writer Sigrid Andrea Bernardo¬†because this movie can definitely give you a fresh perspective. It left me hanging on the important conversation of Raffy and Gela that gives the characters the closure they needed. I also find myself laughing to most parts and lines. That’s why I go to rom-coms because of the feel good vibes.

They have been to many places in Palawan with the services of a tour operators (Yayo Aguilla and Dennis Padilla) who played a teasing couple. The Underground Tubbataha Reefs, El Nido and Twin Lakes are some of the highlight tourist spot in the movie. This part, you can tell how a movie is a good marketing tool in promoting a destination. It reminds me as a viewer that I once dream to see El Nido!

Overall, I think you should still watch it. After all two heartbroken can give the answers to questions unmet. If you are broken then this may answer your “why’s” or why the person left.


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